PCO PROJECT – IUSTI-Europe 2022 Congress: A Pioneering Hybrid Event in Tbilisi

The IUSTI-Europe 2022 Congress in Tbilisi marked a significant milestone in the field of medical science, employing an innovative hybrid model that expertly blended in-person participation with a virtual interface. This pioneering approach enabled an unprecedented scope of international collaboration, making the congress a cornerstone event for global health professionals.

Innovative Hybrid Model: The congress stood out by seamlessly integrating live, in-person interactions with a comprehensive virtual platform. This hybrid format ensured broader accessibility and participation, allowing delegates from across the globe to engage, share insights, and contribute to the discussions, irrespective of their physical location.

Specialized Focus: Catering to a diverse audience of specialists in dermatology, urology, gynecology, general practice, laboratory science, and epidemiology, the congress fostered an invaluable interdisciplinary dialogue. It provided a unique opportunity for experts to exchange knowledge, discuss challenges, and explore innovative solutions in their respective fields.

Global Impact: With representation from 25 countries, the IUSTI-Europe 2022 Congress underscored its role as a pivotal platform for international networking. It facilitated the sharing of best practices, showcased the latest advancements in medical science, and encouraged the formation of new collaborations, thereby contributing to the global effort to improve healthcare outcomes.

Event Highlights: Among the event’s highlights were day tours in Tbilisi, Mtskheta, and a wine tour in Chateau Mukhrani, offering attendees a taste of Georgian culture and hospitality. The incentive program featured exhilarating activities like offroad Jeep tours in Kazbegi, Kakheti wine tours, and rafting in Ananuri. A gala dinner in Tbilisi with an entertaining program concluded the congress on a high note, leaving lasting impressions on all participants.

As the PCO for the IUSTI-Europe 2022 Congress, BTL Services proudly facilitated this comprehensive event, overseeing everything from accommodation and venue proposals to total planning and implementation. Our team provided full personal assistance throughout, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for every delegate.

IUSTI-Europe 2022 Closing Ceremony – THank you to BTL Georgia


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