SCA Leisure Group Experience at Holiday Inn, Tbilisi

BTL Georgia facilitated a comprehensive leisure experience for the SCA group, consisting of 37 distinguished guests, at the centrally-located Holiday Inn in Tbilisi.
Our offerings included well-appointed accommodations conducive to both relaxation and business needs. We ensured efficient transportation services for effortless travel within the city.
Our bespoke catering solutions provided a taste of Georgian hospitality, with menus crafted to please diverse palates.
The event was further enriched by an array of curated tours, allowing guests to explore the cultural and historical landmarks of Tbilisi, complemented by the insights of our professional guides.
BTL Georgia’s dedicated service guaranteed a seamless and enjoyable stay for the SCA leisure group.


HRFN’s Global Conference

HRFN’s Global Conference

At HRFN’s global conferences, funders supporting a range of human rights issues gather from around the world. Event DescriptionThe 2024 HRFN Festival, held in the vibrant city of Tbilisi, Georgia, was a remarkable gathering organized by BTL Georgia. This festival...

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