MAC Meeting/Conference at Radisson Blu Hotel

BTL Georgia skillfully managed a comprehensive service package for a MAC meeting and conference, accommodating a group of 28 participants at the renowned Radisson Blu Hotel.
Our expertise was showcased in arranging a suitable conference venue equipped with all necessary amenities to facilitate a productive and engaging event.
We also provided a full range of catering services, featuring a variety of culinary options to satisfy diverse tastes and dietary needs.

In addition to conference facilities, we arranged comfortable accommodations for all attendees, ensuring a pleasant and convenient stay.
Our service extended to organizing guided tours complete with transport, offering an opportunity for participants to explore the local area and its cultural highlights.

Throughout the conference, we offered full informational support, including the provision of marketing materials to enhance the professional experience.
To further personalize the event, we presented carefully selected souvenirs and gifts, adding a memorable touch to the attendees’ experience.

BTL Georgia’s commitment to detail and excellence ensured the MAC event was not only successful in its objectives but also memorable for all participants.


HRFN’s Global Conference

HRFN’s Global Conference

At HRFN’s global conferences, funders supporting a range of human rights issues gather from around the world. Event DescriptionThe 2024 HRFN Festival, held in the vibrant city of Tbilisi, Georgia, was a remarkable gathering organized by BTL Georgia. This festival...

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