Voermol Conference and Farm Visit at Holiday Inn, Tbilisi

BTL Georgia was proud to coordinate an engaging and informative event for 45 members of the Voermol team at the Holiday Inn in Tbilisi. Our comprehensive service package included arranging top-notch accommodations and conference facilities at the hotel, tailored to meet the specific needs of a professional gathering.

We provided reliable transportation services, ensuring seamless travel to and from the conference venue as well as for the special farm visit, a key component of the event. This visit offered a unique, hands-on experience that enriched the attendees’ understanding and connection to their industry.

Our catering services were curated to offer a diverse range of dining options, catering to various dietary preferences and providing a taste of local Georgian cuisine. Additionally, we organized educational and recreational tours around Tbilisi, complete with expert guides, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the rich cultural and historical tapestry of the region.

BTL Georgia’s dedicated team ensured that every aspect of the Voermol event was executed with precision, from the comfortable accommodations to the insightful farm visit, all contributing to a successful and memorable experience for the participants.


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